Up-cycling and Recycling Clothing with Style

One fun way to help reduce waste is to up-cycle your clothes.  I don't mean trotting down to the local flea market or thrift store, though that's good too!  I'm talking about taking something you own that you no longer wear, and re-purposing it to be a completely different thing.  A stylish and gorgeous thing though.  Perhaps you could turn an old pair of jeans into some side-stripe pants, or a purse.  Maybe transform a nice blouse into a windbreaker or silk jacket.  Some too-large jeans into a denim skirt.

If you prefer to buy already repurposed or recycled brands over DIY projects, there are some companies that have made a name for themselves with their focus on recycled and up-cycled clothing.

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9 Recycled and Up-Cycled Clothing Brands for 2019

Youtube Video: DIY Fashion Jeans Bag (Recycled Denim)

The denim purse at the end is incredibly cute!!

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