Transform Cars, TVs, Pianos, Records, Surfboards, and more

Loveproperty has an article showcasing ways to transform old junk into something useful and good.  Couches, clocks, and candleholders, bookshelves and book knife-racks, these are just some of the fantastic items that can be made out of ordinary and unlikely objects.

There are ideas for turning the front of a car into your choice of a sofa, a vanity, or a cocktail bar.  Speaking of sofas, a bathtub can be made into a surprisingly gorgeous one.  A bicycle turns into a lovely vanity.  Old luggage can become beautiful and unique wall shelving, or a standing cabinet.  A piano can be turned into an exotic bookshelf.   Those are only a few of the 53 amazing things this article highlights.

53 Upcycling Ideas to Transform Your Old Stuff



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