Post-Christmas Clean-up!

Time to clean up after Christmas!  We boxed the wreath and the ornaments, along with extra paper, gift bags, bows, ribbons, and tags, but left the tree and lights up.  It's a good thing, too!  I was reading about different uses for cardboard tubes, like the kind that wrapping paper comes on, when I ran across this magnificent use:  wrapping your Christmas tree lights.


Christmas lights wound on a cardboard roll
Winding up Christmas - picture by Natalia

But there's more!  Natalia not only bound our lights, but she also got out the wrapping paper and slipped a cut tube over each roll, so the paper will stay on the roll.  We wrapped loose ribbon around another cardboard tube, so it won't get tangled up, and put our extra sheets of tags inside, rolled up scroll-style.  This made cleaning up and organizing so much easier that we wanted to share these cool and useful tips.  I hope they are as useful for you 🙂


wrapping paper held in place
Stored Christmas paper - picture by Natalia

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