Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  May the year be full of joy and good health for you and your loved ones, and may your resolutions stick for at least 72 hrs 😉

We just returned from visiting family in Colorado Springs.  While out there, my mom and dad took my oldest and me to High Tea at the Glen Eyrie castle.  The food was both beautiful and delicious.  My favorite dish was the Parmesan broth with vegetables in it.  Who knew that cheese broth could be so tasty?

The trip to the Glen Eyrie Castle is like something out of a fairy tale.  You pull up to a manned post, where your reservations get checked.  Then you take a winding road through dense forested area, til you reach the castle.  Drivers have to be careful; there are dozens of wild turkeys that wander the grounds, in addition to more commonly encountered wildlife.  You cross a bridge that goes over a creek that runs alongside the road for a bit.  When you park, sheltered from the wind by a sheet of rock that seems to rise straight up, you can hear the nearby creek that you drove over earlier.  While it looks largely iced over, the sound of rapidly rushing water suggests it won't be iced for long.

The inside of the castle is just as picturesque.  The tea room is quite lovely, with it's decorative walls and great windows.  There's even a hat stand with lots of different hats, so you can dress up like a fancy lady or gent.  The elegant food, variety of tea selections, inviting castle, and spectacular nature views added up to a most excellent setting.  Thanks for a spectacular lunch, Mom!

One of my kids was also visiting the Springs, which was really nice.  We spent a lot of time together, including the holidays.  She also spent a lot of time cooking with my mom (her grandma), which meant we all got to eat some wonderful Christmas food!  It was a great visit, with my folks, two of my kids, a few grandkids, and some other family too.  So much family!  So much fun!

We got back to Lake Elsinore on the last day of 2018, in time to pick up some tasty pizza and ring in the new year.